The AXAMO Clothing Ltd. a 100% family-owned company was established in 2002, is 16 year-old this year. The company operates in Kazár and continues the long-standing activity of Váci Knitwear Factory by producing clothing products.

The initially few people-business has grown a prosperous, ecoomically stable company by now: currently the number of employees is 144, of which the number of prentices is 23.

AXAMO Ltd. produces high quality women's outerwear and "AXAMO" brand sports and leisure clothes for all ages primarily for foreign markets.

The company has a tailoring, sewing and embroidery department, and since 2013 it has been a practical training and educational center. Students making women's clothing—due to dual training –  are also given access to participate in the production.  Training of weaving students is also  carried out on the site: they make carpets from tailoring rugs and woolen yarns.

AXAMO Ltd.  has concluded a contract with the University of Óbuda, so the company is a practical training place in higher education.

Our family business is undergoing a generational change, while the founding owners will hand over the best of their professional knowledge to their children and grandchildren, so the generation X, Y and Z will be present in the life of the company. In order to make the company attractive to young people, we can approach the tasks to be solved from several perspectives.

Connected to  career orientation, we participate  at professional events in county and national levels, and we are usually invited to them as member of the Textile Technology Technical Association, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the VOSZ Textile Section. We participate in exhibitions and forums targeting the employment of young people, by showing products, tools  and trying to approach  in an interactive way the job seekers and those who are interested in digitalization. Our company is open to students participating in various trainings and we also work on our own adult training program. We are also looking for receiving groups for business visits to the company.

After obtaining the accreditation since 2005  the medium-sized enterprise currently has employed 30 people with altered working ability.

The company operates a SAMPLE’s SHOP on the premises (3127 Kazár, Ipar street 1) open  from Monday to Saturday, every day from  7.00 to 14.30.

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